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Margret SolvadottirWelcome to
my website, Icelandicstudy.com

You guessed right, I am a teacher. My name is Margret Solvadottir. I teach the Icelandic language as well as translate and interpret.  

If you are interested in taking classes you can sign up with me 
margret@icelandicstudy.com or at the Scandinavian Language Institute.

See my students singing in Icelandic

DVD for sale:

Westward Bound DVD

Includes 2 DVDs plus 3rd DVD with extra materials
(+$5.00 shipping)

Documentary TV series from RUV summer 2014

During the years from 1870 - 1914, thousands of Icelanders emigrated to the New World, the majority of them moving to Canada. Egill Helgason visiting people in Winnipeg, North-Dakota, Alberta, the west coast and more. 10 episodes on 2 DVD's plus 3rd DVD includes extra material: 
6 episodes called Vestur-Íslendingar by Olafur Ragnarsson from 1976 about the emigration. - 
The film "Ísland á sléttum Kanada" from 1941 Also booklet with photographs are included with the box. 

Books for sale:

Icelanders on the Pacific Coast

Icelanders on the Pacific Coast
(+$5.00 shipping)

AUN The Bow Bender

Aun The Bow Bender
(+$5.00 shipping)

Includes 2 book set & CD
(+$5.00 shipping)

Contains over 40,000 words!

Icelandic -
English Pocket Dictionary
(+$5.00 shipping)        

Icelandic Verbs:
(+$5.00 shipping)       


(I Can Do It)
(+$5.00 shipping)


If you have a question or would like to purchase a book or DVD

Please feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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