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Practical Icelandic
with Confidence

My name is Ragga, I'm Icelandic and I’ve been teaching Icelandic as another language since 2001. I've taught at University College London, Cambridge University, the Foreign Office — and online since 2015. I'm also doing a Masters in Other Language Studies at the University of Iceland. 

I’m now offering 6 online courses. 3 different beginner levels (max. 10 students in each) and 3 intermediate courses (A2-B2) with max. 6 students in each.

How it works
Video Courses

The courses will take place on Zoom, with full breakout rooms for practicing in pairs. 

We'll focus on vocabulary, pronunciation & which sounds are left out when Icelandic is spoken fast. We’ll learn common systematic expressions, how to open and close conversations, about word formation, and how to chop up long words.

We’ll foster a friendly, supportive atmosphere where it’s fine to make mistakes! Everyone does when they learn a new language.

Full invoice for union subsidy in Iceland provided. Check with your union if you live in Icelandic — many subsidise Icelandic learning.


Please choose the course you’d like to know more about:

What My Students Say

"Ragga is one of the most naturally gifted teachers I have ever come across. She taught me Icelandic before I took up my post as the British Ambassador to Iceland in 2004. I had not spoken a single word of Icelandic in 11 years before starting lessons with Ragga and had just about forgotten all I ever knew. In a matter of two months she achieved the impossible and not only revived my interest in the language but brought it back up to the standard I needed to do my job. She is a superb teacher with an admirable knack for conveying complex language structures in a way that stimulates interest in the language itself."

                                                                      Alp Mehmet,

British Ambassador to Iceland 2004 - 2007


Private Lessons 

I have a waiting list for new students for private lessons. If you’re interested in joining the waiting list, please drop me a line. 

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